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Focusing on Automotive Lighting, Bringing People a Safer and More Comfortable Driving Experience

  • Illuminate a Road with Safety and Modernity

    We provide you with the brightest and the most stable headlights, which ensure your driving journey be filled with confidence and brightness. Our headlights make your vehicle shine brightly at night, ensuring your safety on the road.

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  • Headlight

    HASCO VISION provides full vehicle lighting solutions including high beam, low beam, position light, turn light, DRL light, etc. To enhance the driving experience and safety, high brightness and top rated reliability are incorporated into all of our products.

  • Tail Light

    Huayu Vision's rear lighting commodity portfolio include functions such as rear position lights, rear turn signals, brake lights, b lights, and rear fog lights. We adopt advanced manufacturing processes to adapt to the increasingly diverse trends in vehicle design. Through innovative optical solutions, we are able to provide stunning lighting effects for our OEM customer. At the same time, we are the leading player in ISC technology and have been the first to introduce mass-produced ISC products.

  • Lighting ECU

    Vehicle exterior lighting controller, controls all exterior lighting functions by generating graphical data through real-time calculations. Through the integration of traditional decentralized architecture, it significantly reduces the complexity of vehicle exterior lighting control. This not only lowers system costs but also enhances the development of innovative lighting functions and the convenience of over-the-air (OTA) updates.

  • Digital Lighting

    A brand-new digital lighting system, including Digital Lighting Projection (DLP), Interactive Signal Lighting Display (ISD), Surround Interactive Projection (SIP), and a lighting master controller. Through digitalization, it gives the originally singular point lighting effect of lamps a myriad of personalized effects. Users can engage in DIY lighting according to personal preferences. By conveying lighting semantics through visualized images, it not only enhances driving safety but also fully showcases the user's individuality.

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Our Customer

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