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We firmly believe that talent is the key to the long-term success of Hasco Vision. We respect wisdom, reward achievements, celebrate success, and feel proud of employee's growth.

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Multi-Level Training System

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    Training to New Employees

    Based on the characteristics of new employees, we offer face-to-face courses such as "Corporate Culture", "Structural Thinking", and "How to Become a High-Performing Employee", in junction with online course resources, ice-breaking activities and other activities to help new employees quickly fit into Hasco Vision through multiple channels.

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    Manufacturing "Race to the First" - Section Leader Training Camp

    Facing the front-line section leader, systematically improve the front-line management role cognition, on-site problem analysis and solution, quality system cognition, lean management training, and EHS leadership of the front-line section leader. Realize the comprehensive enhancement of section leader's ability on leading team success, coaching, continuous improvement and problem-solving.

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    High-Potential "Drive" - "Driving Force" High-Potential Youth Training Camp

    Carry out systematic training, selection and development of high-potential talents, and enrich the reserve team. Help high-potential employees to conduct a comprehensive self-analysis and guide self-awareness. Improve planning, organization, and decision-making capabilities, expand business perspectives, and promote business implementation and innovation.

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    Focusing on "Sail" - "Sailing Force" Leader Management Training Camps

    "Sailing Force" is open to new managers, with four directions as the core: personal management, business management, team management and interpersonal relationship management, which systematically train employees' skills in terms of team management, planning, organizing, and cross-departmental cooperation.

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    Reaching Far "Pilot" - "Piloting Force" Operation Management Training Camp

    "Piloting Force" is aimed at core middle-level managers, systematically improves the refined management ability of managers. It help the middle-level manager understand the organization's requirements and expectations to them, and change the management concept.By inputting systematic, advanced leadership concepts, it will improve trainees' systematic management capabilities to help organizations continue to consolidate the effectiveness of change, change thinking from top to bottom, and continuously improve internal management efficiency.

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    Various Professional Skills Training

    Pay attention to the development of the industry, invite well-known experts in the industry to the company to share the development trend of the industry, and help employees understand the future of the industry. To enahce the professional skills of employees, organize and carry out various professional and technical internal training to improve the professional knowledge of employees to be flexibly utilized in the work. Pay attention to the mental health of employees, organize and carry out stress reduction training camps to help employees relieve work pressure.