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Smart Manufacturing,
Advances with "Digitalization"

  • Innovation Fostering
  • R&D Capability
  • Smart Manufacturing

With a Light in the Heart, There is a Direction, Innovation Leads to Further Objectives

  • Stands in Vision, Seen in Technology

    Expressing beyond illumination with intelligence, illuminated by digital twins, combining market trends and future industry development needs, firmly taking the path of independent innovation, promoting patent transformation, strengthening core competitiveness, leading in the field of intelligent vehicle lighting, and creating a diverse range of digital innovative technologies, camera perception, and electronic products for customers to choose from.


Chasing of Light and Electricity Be Vigorous and Diligent Proceed in Action Without Slackening

  • First National R&d Center, World Recognized Testing and Validation Capability

    Vehicle Lighting Conceptual Design - Structural Design - Advanced lighting Module Development, a comprehensive vision solution, integration of optical-thermal-electronics. In House Electronics design- tooling development - process - smart manufacturing, forming a complete independent design and development system.

    • Dominating the Industry as a Leader

      Consistently holding the leadership in the automotive lighting industry, with a market share of nearly 25%.

    • Persist in In-House R&d Development

      Build a comprehensive and powerful independent R&D system, establish the industry's first national-level technology center.

  • Cultivate Cutting-Edge Core In-House Research Teams, Emphasis on Customer Communication and Cooperation

    Established long-term and good industry-academia research cooperation relationships with well-known universities, currently 4 industry-academia research projects function as a base for industry-academia cooperation. Engaged in multiple technology development projects through strategic partnerships with renowned enterprises, enhancing technology showcases both domestically and internationally. Actively involved in assisting customers with validation experiments, new material research and BENCHMARK studies. Focusing on the technical development and product iteration of core products in the supply chain, actively collaborating with customers to enhance product competitiveness.


Build a Digital Factory with World-Class Operational Capabilities

  • Highly Vertical Integration

    Possessing a complete design, manufacturing and tooling capability, with a highly vertical integration ability from raw materials to finished products. Adhering to the manufacturing philosophy of high quality, high efficiency, and low cost, HASCO can supply ligthing products to vehicles from low-end models to luxury ones.

  • Standardization of Digital Factory

    Shanghai Intelligent Factory (Jiading Digital Factory).

  • Digitalization Drives Smart Manufacturing

    Equipped with advanced automated manufacturing equipment, implementing a digital manufacturing platform to achieve interconnection and data transmission between design, manufacturing, and equipment; continuously using automation, information technology, and digital technology to establish high-standard digital operations and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.