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Sustainable Development

  • Partner Responsibilities

    "Our vision and mission are to 'Illuminate brilliant journeys with the light of intelligent dreams.' We consistently adhere to the values of 'Customer-oriented, Teamwork, Innovation, Far-reaching Vision, and Self-transcendence.' Actively seeking and establishing partnerships with various enterprises, we work together to advance the research, production, and sales of automotive vision products."

    "Through collaboration with outstanding enterprises worldwide, we continuously expand our business scope and market influence. With intelligence as our technological development focus and innovation as our driving force, we are committed to providing global consumers with safer, smarter, and more environmentally friendly automotive vision products. Together, we aim to realize the dream of intelligent travel and strive to build a creatively renowned international company."

  • Safety Management System

    We always adhere to the safety management policy of 'Safety First, Prevention-oriented, and Comprehensive Governance.' We conscientiously implement the requirements of national laws and regulations such as the 'Work Safety Law' and 'Fire Control Law,' strictly enforce internal safety management systems, and implement the responsibility system for safety production."

    "We employ preventive measures such as risk assessments, hazard identification, and corrective action tracking to firmly prevent the occurrence of major fires, safety production incidents, and other malicious events. We prioritize people, enhance the production environment, refine the safety management network, and foster a positive atmosphere where everyone 'cares for life' and 'focuses on safety,' avoiding occupational health and safety hazards and accidental injuries for our employees in the course of production activities."

  • Environmental Management System

    "Under the backdrop of global climate change, we are committed to creating a sustainable business model that achieves coordinated development in the economic, social, and environmental aspects. In pursuit of this goal, we actively promote the 'dual carbon' targets, representing our solemn commitment to addressing global climate change. To achieve this objective, we have implemented various measures, including improving energy efficiency, optimizing energy structures, thoroughly exploring energy-saving potential within the organization, and accelerating energy-saving transformations."

    "These measures contribute to a significant improvement in resource utilization efficiency and a systematic integration of carbon emission reduction, collectively building a green home. HUAYU Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. plans to achieve a photovoltaic annual power generation of 2 million kWh by 2025, while the overall photovoltaic annual power generation for HUAYU Vision is planned to reach 12 million kWh. Ultimately, we aim to achieve operational carbon neutrality by 2030 and value chain carbon neutrality by 2050. We strive to contribute to the goals of sustainable development and work towards building a better future."

  • Illuminate the Future Public Welfare Activities

    HASCO vision plays a role in giving love, donating street lamps, stationery, clothes and other gifts for children, lighting up the future of children and making the future full of hope. Through lectures, it also helps the communication between parents and children, caring for the healthy growth of children.

  • Light Chasing Camping Trip

    Build a dating platform for young employees to break the social circle, and wake up sweet moments with multiple camping experience~
    HASCO vision and IM have formed the strongest partnership through a variety of activities, make camping more fulfilling and enjoyable.